If you can't sleep, it's not fine to check the time

While being treated for sleep disorders, I found the best piece of advice that I received to be to put my clock under the bed.

I was one of those people who couldn't help but look at the clock during the night. Following that, I would do the mental math to determine how many more hours I had left to sleep. Knowing that I had fewer than four hours to catch some zzzz's caused me tremendous stress, making me stay awake even longer.

Thinking back I can't believe I didn't realize this was going on. In fact, this is a very characterisitc behaviour of the insomnia-sufferer. The fear of not being able to sleep is a huge trigger of sleeplessness.

Luckily, this significant problem has a very simple solution. You guessed it: don't look at the clock. Do whatever you need to do to make this happen. Turn the clock around, place it under the bed or put it in another room. Whatever it takes, you must eliminate this unnecessary source of anxiety if you are looking to sleep tight, every night.


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