Being Short On Sleep Is Not The Same As Being A Short Sleeper

Sleeping less than six hours per night has become commonplace for many people. Although this is not enough sleep for most, researchers have found that there is actually a small subset of the population that can do with less sleep. These are the short sleepers and despite getting less than 75% of the amount of sleep that most others get, they are able to function well. They do not feel tired when they wake up and they do not need coffee or other stimulants to keep them going.

Short sleepers are thought to have a gene mutation that allows them to sleep less. This is in stark contrast to those who are short of sleep by choice or by circumstance. These people do not get the sleep they require and often turn to high-caffeine drinks or naps to get through their day. Sadly, over a third of the population falls into this category. Sleep deprivation has many negative health consequences. Ensuring that you get the right amount of sleep is essential to achieving physical and emotional well-being.


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